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    The Top Job Brand Idea:

    We believe that relationships, trust and an attitude to do whatever it takes to do the job well provide the foundation of our successful independent recruitment agency and that’s why we’ve been here for over 45 years.

    Top Job Recruitment provides expert consultants with an unrivalled knowledge of employment in Colchester and its surrounding areas. We believe our extensive experience coupled with our broad database of registered candidates gives our clients the best chance of achieving their employment goals with best value, best practice and the best use of their time.

    We are committed to what we do, we are here to give our clients the full benefit of our expertise, insight, skills and knowledge; we work as if we are part of the client’s own team and significantly reduce the time burden of finding the right staff through experience and the appropriate use of technology.

    We want our clients and candidates to feel cared for and that we are interested in their concerns. They should always feel that nothing is too much to ask and that we are there to make their life better.


    Why is there a Top Job Recruitment?

    • We’re here to bring the right staff to the right place at the right time at the right rate to all of our clients.
    • Top Job aims provide a team of highly professional and experienced experts in Colchester to help our partners get the best out of a temporary workforce, whatever the size.
    • We look to reduce the administrative overhead of temporary workforces through the use of technology.
    • We provide candidates who are adequately qualified, well-vetted and reliable.
    • We want our clients to feel that they have personal contact, with someone who is interested in their business and can work flexibly with them in order to meet their goals. We’d like to think we can work as if we are an additional member of their own team.
    • Our mission is to reduce the stress and time of finding staff from start to finish. We utilise our knowhow, experience and technology to ensure that our clients’ needs are met as fast as possible and with the best results.
    • We aim to find job seekers, whatever their background, fulfilling and appropriately paid employment, either permanent or temporary. We believe in getting to know our candidates so that they match the jobs in which we place them and want to come back to us for more.

    What does it look like in practice?

    This means we:
    • listen carefully to our clients’ requirements and ask good questions to further our understanding;
    • make sure all of the administration and legal tasks are done accurately;
    • show we care by delivering high quality relationships;
    • watch what the market is doing to continually deliver best value;
    • take full responsibility for outcomes;
    • won’t always achieve it, but we’ll learn fromour mistakes and try to do better next time.
    This means we:
    • are always transparent about our fees;
    • never make promises we can’t deliver;
    • deal with issues as they arise and take full responsibility for outcomes;
    • reflect on the outcomes of our actions and learn from them;
    • accept blame for the things we do wrong that are in our control;
    • think about the impact of our actions on the lives of others;
    • treat our colleagues, clients and other stakeholders with respect;
    • treat our clients’ interests as we would our own.
    This means we:
    • adopt a good sense of humour;
    • smile and laugh while we’re working, and look forward to coming to work each day;
    • encourage each other to come up with great ideas, activities and plans;
    • try to think creatively, with open-minds and have a sense of adventure;
    • choose a positive attitude; we can’t always choose what we do but we can choose how we go about doing it.
    This means we:
    • actively seek and listen to feedback so we can act upon it;
    • pursue new solutions which makes life simpler for clients’ and candidates;
    • embrace change, even when it seems tough;
    • continually evaluate what we do and think about how we can be better;
    • invest time and money in developing improved approaches;
    • understand that mistakes and errors are great opportunities to become better;
    • recognise that we are always learning something new.