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    5 simple steps to choosing the right Recruitment Agency


    As an employer, you recognise how difficult it is to find skilled candidates for your positions, especially in a candidate led market. While having an in house team is beneficial, extending towards an agency during busy periods for your team, can alleviate pressure and support your HR team, by casting a wider net and selection of candidates. When we speak to clients we receive a list of requests to include when advertising their vacancies. In a candidate led and post pandemic market, candidates and job seekers are looking for a goof work life balance, so including the benefits from the candidates perspective is essential.

    You've probably considered the advantages of using a recruitment agency to handle your staffing needs as a business. How do you choose the ideal agency for your company and knowing you're working with the right one?

    Things to Consider

    Most agencies utilise pre-screening tests and candidate verification methods to guarantee that their candidates are as qualified as they claim. We have adapted and triumphed when it comes to communicating with candidates and gathering all documentation. Our divisional coordinators are the virtual face of the business with over the phone video calls for identification and testing. Having such a solid process to evaluate our candidates, means we are able to our put forward ideal candidates for your review, ensuring we are making solid connections and pairings for your business.

    Customer Service

    Whether you're enquiring, recruiting or just wanting a chat - communication and cooperation is key to both parties during the recruitment process. Our team thrive off of building lasting relationships with client's. Building trust and partnerships is the best way to ensure your recruitment experience is one that you're happy with. We understand that each client and their requirements are different, therefore we offer a personable approach to recruitment that works around your team.


    Do your values align? We believe in insuring that permanent professionals are looked after and placed within businesses that see career growth. Our temporary staff are supported and complaint, ensuring they are trusted as one of the team. As a family run business, we hold the value of being a people centric agency at its highest important. So it's invaluable to us that both clients and candidates are treated as part of the family.


    Don't take our word for it, look at our reviews! Both candidates and clients leave us amazing reviews about our service, team and consultants. As a family owned and family run recruitment agency, our individual and unique recruitment experience means each connection is personal to your needs. Our 6 specialist division allows our team to assist your business with an experienced and knowledgeable team.

    If you're looking at using a recruitment agency for your recruiting needs, our consultants here at Prime Appointments would love to chat to you! Take a look at our specialist sectors here.