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    I need a change of career


    Are you thinking about switching up your career? How about a new start with new opportunities? Taking the time to assess your interests, qualifications, and professional needs is an important part of preparing for a career change. Outlining what it means to start a new profession, the benefits of starting a new job, points to think about, and a list of actions to guide you through the career transition process.

    How to start a new career

    Wanting to switch up your career path & explore new opportunities is a great mental state to be in. Being open to opportunity creates confidence in your own skills and abilities. Sometimes you just need a little helping hand, to guide you in the right direction!

    Start with your general interests first. Make a list of your hobbies and interests, making a clear choice of enjoyable pastimes. Cross reference this with your current employment, what do you enjoy about your current career? Are any of your interests part of your current career path?

    List your background and professional experience. Make another list highlighting your previous employers, job titles, college, degrees or certifications. Writing down your answers really helps to visualise your pathways and choices.

    Now that you have identified your interests and professional skills, you can start comparing them to careers that involve those factors. Create a list of jobs you think you would enjoy. Narrow these jobs down to 3 career paths, this way you're eliminating feeing overwhelmed by your job search. Having 3 industry's to research is much more manageable! Look at the average salary expectations, education requirements and general work environment.

    Now that you have completed in-depth research about some different job titles, you can start to apply for openings on job search websites or company job pages. Make sure to tailor your resume and cover letter to each company to stand out from the pack.

    Changing my career path

    One of many desired career changes comes from ideal benefits. A new career often offers new challenges to encourage learning and give you a reason to expand your knowledge, making success even more satisfying. Swapping your hands on production job to become a receptionist creates a whole new set of skills to add to your career experience!

    Higher pay is another potential benefit of starting a new career. You can use your professional experience and your previous salary to leverage a pay raise in your new career, whether in the same industry or another.

    Offering a work-life balance is a highly important factor for the job seeker market. Depending on the career track you choose to pursue, you might have the advantage of a more flexible work schedule.

    Starting a new career can be a daunting process, but with the drive, determination and focus of your career requirements, you can pass on your job search to a professional! Working alongside our consultants here at Prime Appointments, we can do the graft on your behalf. Getting your CV out there is the first step and we're here to help!